The Home Buying Process:

1. Pre-Approval: Contact a Mortgage Lender to get Pre-Approved, this will help you determine the proper amount to budget for your next home.

2. House Shopping: I'll arrange for in-person or virtual showings on properties that meet your criteria, it's imperative we have your saved search set up properly for this step!

3. Make an Offer: I'll review comps and market conditions to put together a pricing strategy for the offer.   In today's competitive market the old "go in low and see what happens" method no longer applies!

4. Mortgage Application: Once your offer is accepted, it's time to apply for your mortgage.   This is where you'll need your tax statements and current pay stubs so start gathering those items now!

5. Inspections: You have the right to have the home inspected, and you have the right to attend the inspection.  The seller will provide us a copy of the Disclosure stating any known issues, the inspection is for peace of mind.  

6. Closing: Once your mortgage has been approved and we're in agreement on the Inspection results it's time to schedule the Closing.  This usually takes place at the Title Company where you'll sign your Mortgage (if applicable) and the Deed transferring ownership to you!