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Rental Notes -

Renting a place for a weekend, a month, a year, or even an multiple years is possible! There are dozens of properties available to rent in the Notre Dame area. In order to best serve you I'll need to know a few things:

1. Intended use- are you a student, ND employee, alumni, general renter?

2. Duration- How long will you need your rental? Student leases "typically" run from June 1 - May 31 regardless of Summer schedule.

3. Budget- Rent rages from $500/month to $6000/weekend. I can't always work with "as low as possible" so give me some idea of what you're looking to pay.

4. Little Details- Pets, Roommates, Vehicles, all items that need addressed prior to signing a lease. Best to cover this BEFORE signing!

5. Distance- How far from campus or work do you need to be? Remember, the closer you are to Notre Dame the more you'll likely pay!

6. Rules- Many complexes / homeowners have a "minimum lease term" of 6-12 months, so areas like Eddy Commons and Ivy Quad won't work for weekends!

7. Timing- Time is of the essence. Many people reserve up to a year in advance, so the longer you wait the fewer options I have.

8. Transportation- If you're without a vehicle consider a complex near public transportation. See the Sidebar for local bus routes provided by Transpo.

9. Options - Use the link below if you're looking for a Notre Dame or Saint Mary's rental.  Browse the list at the bottom of the page if you're looking for something less specific.


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Irish Crossings 4 bedrooms.  Lease available Nov 1, 2015 through May 15, 2016.  Email me for more details!


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