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Obtaining a Mortgage for your new home is every bit as important as finding the perfect home. Obtaining proper financing can often be the difference in getting the home of your dreams... Or not. That’s why it is important to talk to a mortgage loan professional before you start house-hunting (see below). They will take the time to explain the best options available to you,  and also recommend a loan program designed to meet both your short term and long term objectives. They can also provide you with a loan pre-approval, this is something you will need when it comes time to make an offer.  Offers submitted without a pre-approval are often rejected or counter-offered "subject to pre-approval".  Save time... Get pre-approved first!

There are a wide variety of loan programs designed to fit virtually every situation, from investment buyers to first time home buyers.  Do your research and know what you're buying, some Mortgage Lenders do not work with newer construction developments or even Historic Homes. You need a professional mortgage team working for you, don't let your dream home get away because you wanted to save a few dollars using a "discount broker". Need help moving?  Try using this link to check rates for Moving Companies in your area.

Confused about the financing process? Try these mortgage loan tools to get an idea of what is best for your situation or long term goals? Looking for quality Local Lenders?  Try using the Service Providers below, it keeps the money local and they've proven to provide quality service.

Homeowners Insurance is not an area to skimp!  Don't make the mistake of going the the lowest priced Insurance.  This is one of the biggest investments you'll ever make and "discount rate" insurance could cost you tens of thousands in the end.  Get solid advice on the coverage you'll need, protect yourself and your family!  If you don't already have Homeowners Insurance here in South Bend, try using the Service Provider below and speak with a professional about keeping you and your home covered properly. 

Home Inspections are a major part of any Real Estate transaction.  Make sure you're using a Licensed Professional with years of experience!  Use the link below to browse some of the Inspectors our clients have used with great results.

Contractors can be hard to come by and even harder to trust.  Use the link below to browse local contractors that have a good standing in the Real Estate Community.  


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